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Its Dies......

Assalamualaikum....Refer to the tittle its not about Osama Bin Laden its about grasshopper that i mention in my story before this.I'm so sad coz it not found enterence to go out from my house.I found it under the chair in my kitchen.huhuk...The body was suface by ants.I think its dies becoz its not have food to eat.I leave my home for three days.Its not means to helping it but i frighten with the insect....I'm sorry...I'so pity with it.I think when i leave my home its can found the enterer but my thinking is wrong.It dies in my home.Before i throw out its in my rubbish bin i snap the picture for my memories.Today i try to write in English....but i don't know it right or wrong.To English teacher please help me to correcting my grammar n spelling.Long time i not  using English in my life after i finish my study about 10 year ago.Ok....i stop time i try to write in english again....babai....:)

My dies Grasshopper 

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