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Distribute Your Relief for Typhoon Haiyan

It’s been two weeks since the Haiyan Typhoon barrelled into the Philippines on the 8th of November but the search for bodies continues. This monster typhoon has injured over 20,000 people and over 1,600 people were reported missing up to date. More than 800, 000 people had been asked to leave their homes – that do not exist anymore as a result to the catastrophic disaster. The death toll has spiked to 5,235 and the list just keeps getting longer.
                                                                 Picture credits  - CNN
Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families and we hope that you guys will join us and help those in need. Nuffnang will be running a regional donation drive to raise funds for the Typhoon relief work in Phillipines from the 25th November to 22nd December. During the whole month, we urgently appeal you guys to contribute to this emergency, life-saving effort.
Picture Credit CNN
From now till 22 December 2013, you can do your part and contribute to our fund #NNforPH in just a few simple steps, by donating either a portion of your Nuffnang earning, or via Paypal :-
1. Head over to your Nuffnang dashboard and look for this image below OR click here 
2. Choose the denomination you would like to donate for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. The options are: RM5, RM10, RM25 and RM50. Kindly be reminded to tick the box if you would like to donate anonymously. (We will be featuring the names of all the donors at the end of this campaign, in recognition of your generosity).
3. You will receive a confirmation email.
4. The amount of your donation will then be deducted from your current earnings.
The collection period for this donation drive is from the 25th of November to the 22nd of December 2013, after which we will donate the total amount raised to Red Cross Philippines. So guys, with just RM5, you might be saving a life or helping out a needy family. We urgently appeal for your help so that we can respond to the needs of the victims and their families most affected by this calamity. Be a part of this good cause and join our effort of relief for the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan. We thank you guys in advance for you generosity!

p/s: Kalau nak derma untuk cik nor boleh klik SINI..:)


  1. donate for them..insya allah dipermudahkan segalanya disana

  2. menderma kepada yang memerlukan..

  3. Marilah saling membantu dan memberi :)

  4. Terpanggil utk sma2 membantu kan cik nor..

  5. kalau tak mampu jgan beratkan untuk berdoa kan :)

  6. Thanks for the support of our countrymen!...

  7. ada jugak prasa derma tu kat nuffnang dan churp2..

    1. owh..sama2lah kita mnderma kpd yg memerlukan..:)

  8. Assalamu'alaikum, rencana yang bagus. salam perkenalan, sila berkunjung ke blog udah ATAU langsung Mulai ke dan, Ada dongeng anak indonesia Masjid dan teka-teki UNTUK mendidik dan mengasah Kecerdikan anak, barangkali You mempunyai anak. adik, keponakan Yang Masih Kecil, sila mencoba PERCUMA, semoga bermanfaat, terima kasih.

    1. waalaikumusalam..terima kasih..InsyaAllah..:)