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Sponsored Post Opportunity: NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt Recipe Challenge

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Thu, 14 Nov 2013

Sponsored Post Opportunity: NESTLE Natural Set Yogurt Recipe Challenge

Dear Nuffnanger,

If you enjoy cooking and whipping up new interesting dishes for your family, we are pretty sure that what we have in store for you now will inspire to fuel your culinary creations. :D
Long story cut short, we have a sponsored post opportunity for our 50 bloggers who love cooking and baking! All you need to do is to come up with at least ONE(1) recipe usingNESTLE Natural Set Yogurt.

Your recipe can come in various forms;
1) Main dish
2) Baking
3) Dessert
4) Beverage

However, there is a little catch. Your recipe has to be original and no duplicates from thesedishes. Aaaaaand did I mention that this is going to be a challenge? Yes it is as you will be competing with each other to win RM1,000 in cash and 10 consolation prizes (RM300 each)!

So if you are interested, kindly submit your details here ( by 5:00PM, 18th November 2013 (Monday). We will let you know again if you are selected for this challenge (first come first serve basis). :D

Hope to hear from you soon!
Please click here to find out more about the terms and conditions.

Anne Cheah
Community Relations Department
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd


Pagi tadi buka email dapatlah email dari nuffnang.Cik nor buat tak tahu jer.Then lpas makan belek2 entry baru rakan2 blog the tertengok blog akuvsdiashadhira dia pon post email macam nie jugak.

Kepada kawan2 blogger yang pernah dapat email macam nie boleh tak bagi tunjuk ajar kat cik nor macam mana nak buat.Masih dalam keadaan blur...huhu..Please help me..nak join nie....:)


  1. semua ahli nuffnang dapat :)
    sapa suka masak boleh la cuba

    1. ker?
      saya dah cuba..tapi xthu sdap ke tak..:)

  2. ade dpt t xwat pun sbb blur jugak..hahaha

    1. ker?klu nak join kna cepat sbb hari nie tarikh tutup dia sblm pkl 5 ptg..:)

  3. dapat jgak email ni.. tapi tak reti lah.. haha