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Immerse in Cultural Tourism Experience for a Well-Rounded Trip to Selangor!

As the heart of Malaysia, the State of Selangor is a melting-pot of cultures. The State’s strength in cultural diversity, history and gastronomy is what making Selangor a perfect travel destination, especially in South-East Asia. For those seeking for a well-rounded travel; an immersion in cultural tourism experience is a must; especially when you are visiting Selangor. The following list put together by Tourism Selangor might just be the catalyst for a future trip to the State; “Dream Now, Travel Later”.

1. History and Heritage Appreciation

As a region once affected by the colonial era, Selangor is rich with historical and heritage remains that are significant to learn from. The Royal Klang Heritage Walk Tour and Kajang Heritage Walk Tour Programmes are simply dedicated to take tourists to iconic and historical sites in Klang and Kajang towns. What’s more compelling, the tours are guided by local guides who truly know the Districts by heart.In addition, Selangor for the past years was host for the well-known Selangor International Indigenous Arts Festival which showcased the mesmerising and unique cultures of the Indigenous people of Selangor, as well as from several other countries in the world. The much-anticipated annual event will most-likely resume once the pandemic shows positive signs towards subsiding.

2. Home to Experiential Tourism

Experiential tourism is climbing on the popularity among tourists, and as the land blessed the best of both worlds; Selangor is a perfect mix of urban meets vintage. City-dwellers in Selangor have the opportunity to escape their modernized way of lives and get closer with the village community with experiential tourism packages offered at

Homestay Sg Haji Dorani, Homestay Sg Sireh and Homestay Banghuris in the Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor and Sepang Districts, respectively. You will get to soak into the muddy paddy field to catch cat fish with your bare hands (yes you heard it right), or evenlearn tocook local traditional dishfirst-hand from the locals, as well as end your night stay with mesmerizing cultural and local martial art performances such as the Barongan and traditional Silat. They will certainly bring you closer for a grasp on the authentic “Truly Asia” experience!

3. Cruise-stop City/Village Tour

Port Klang, the gateway to Malaysia, is often chosen as the port-of-call of ships embarking on a voyage. The Shah Alam district close to the Port is home to a variety of tourism attractions including the Golden Triangle of Selangor, the i-City and the well-known Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah or the Blue Mosque, which is the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia. For a trip down away from the city, the Mah Meri Cultural Village provides half day and full-day toursfor the exposure on the Mah Meri Indigenous tribe, known for their exquisite culture, mesmerising handicrafts and famous Masked Dance.

4. Gastronomical Delights

Being the gateway and the centre of Malaysia, Selangor has an impossible number of food choices from around all the 14 states of the country. Often being overlooked are Selangor’s own gastronomical delights that have been carried down from centuries and its tradition still remains as is. Due to Selangor’s history of former migration back in the early years, some of its settlers were people from different backgrounds and countrieswhich made Selangor culturally-diverse. Hence, making the food rich in flavours! Some of the food you should try in Selangor are Pecal, a traditional Javanese salad that merely consists of vegetables topped with a mouth-watering peanut sauce, Nasi Ambeng; a Javanese-Malay dish with chicken, fried noodles, and long beans as sides accompanied by white rice that is served in banana leaf, and Wadai Kipeng; a dessert by Selangor’s Banjar peoplewhich ingredients are glutinous rice flour, coconut, palm sugar, granulated sugar and some pandan leaves!

A visit to Selangor must be carried out with adherence to the SOPs. Tourists have to register their entries through “SElangkah:Langkah Masuk Dengan Selamat” mobile application, maintain social distancing, apply hand sanitizers on a regular basis and wear face masks at all times in the State.

For more information on what Selangor has to offer, log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website;

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