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Selangor’s Second Win of the Prestigious Award is Proof the State is a Premier Travel Destination in Malaysia

The State of Selangor through its official Tourism Promotion Agency; Tourism Selangor is proud to have once-again brought backthe “Destination of the Year” Awardat Malaysia Tourism Council Gold Awards 2021. The first award win of the same prestigious category was in the year 2018, and the recent win is proof Selangor is a premier travel destination in Malaysia.

Malaysian Tourism Council Gold Awards 2021 was hosted by Malaysia Tourism Council(MTC)on December 9th at New World Petaling Jaya Hotel and supported by Tourism Selangor. The Awards was also one of the events leading up to the biggest entry in Malaysian tourism’s 2021 Calendar of Events; Tourism Selangor Global Convention (TSGC) 2021.The first-ever tourism Global Convention in Malaysia made its debut on December 10th and 11th, 2021 at the same venue.

Successfully-officiated by Y.B. Tuan Hee Loy Sian, Selangor’s State Executive Council Member of Tourism and Environment, Tourism Selangor was honoured to collaborate as a strategic partner to Malaysia Tourism Council in organizing the Awards. On top of that, Tourism Selangor has also established a collaboration with Santai Travel Magazine for a special Tourism Selangor’s edition for its November / December 2021 issue which was also launched during the Awards.

“The State of Selangor through Tourism Selangor is proud to receive an invitation to collaborate with Malaysia Tourism Council in organizing the MTC Gold Awards 2021. It proves the commitment of Selangor State Government in revitalising Malaysian tourism industry especially in the State of Selangor”, Y.B. Tuan Hee Loy Sian shared in his officiating speech.

“I believe in the initiatives that have been undertaken by MTC such as organizing this annual Awards, which is a good effort in recognizing best tourism products and services in the country, and thus, empowering the tourism sector. I believe, the responsibilities shall not be placed only onto the Government or the relevant agencies. However, it requires everyone’s hard work towards bringing-fourth a better tourism sector”, Y.B. Tuan Hee Loy Sian added.

In July this year, Tourism Selangor celebrated its 20 Years of Excellence in Malaysian tourism industry. The subsequent win of the prestigious award category was a catalyst for Selangor towards securing more notable achievements in the future, especially with the blooming “Pusing Selangor Dulu” Campaign which is making-waves on social media, with 22 million reach so far.

For more information on what Selangor has to offer; log on to Tourism Selangor’s official website, www.selangor.travelfor inspiration on your travel, or keep yourself updated by following Tourism Selangor’s official social media accounts; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, and subscribing to Tourism Selangor's YouTube channel!#PusingSelangorDulu!

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