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Worksop Aimed to Enhance Tourism’s Change of Game-plan Post-Pandemic

It was not too long ago that all players in the tourism industry were excited about Visit Malaysia Year 2020 Campaign until the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world and humankind was facing the biggest uncertainty in life so far. Unfortunately, tourism industry is the hardest-hit economically and there are thousands of tour guides and artists who are out of jobs now, perhaps for the coming years too.

Tourism Selangor is aspired to help elevate our local guides, host community, travel agencies and Tourism Malaysia to go through the tough times ahead by creating virtual experiences where one could host multiple guests from various places on-site or even from home. Thus, Tourism Selangor is collaborating with (an experiential platform powered by the locals, a.k.a. the most knowledgeable and interesting experts, the ones that know their field and country the best) to conduct a Virtual Experience Design Workshop on 27 March 2021 from 9.30AM to 1.00PM.

Virtual tourism is and will become the new norm in travel and we need to be innovative to sustain. This online virtual experience design workshop will be guiding the participants to learn about virtual tourism, curating an online product and equip himself/herself with knowledge on the hardware and software requirement to host a virtual experience. The target outcome from the workshop would be 30 to 50 new virtual experiences that focus on promoting Selangor and Malaysia.

While virtual travel is not a direct substitute for the real thing, it does show huge potential and offer a whole lot of opportunities. It brings faraway places closer and more accessible - especially for those who are sick or injured, the elderly and those who simply cannot afford to travel. And as technology advances, virtual travel might make its way to become a more prominent part of the travel industry and it will set ourselves to be ahead when we are ready for physical travelling.

Hence, if you are above 21, either a tourist guide registered with Selangor Tourist Guides’ Association (STGA), Selangor’s Host Community, or represents a Travel Agency which aims to promote Selangor in your packages; hurry up and register by 19th of March at 50 seats available, and if you have been selected, a fee of RM 50 will be charged upon successful registration.

With increased knowledge and know-how, Tourism Selangor and Buddyz hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many guides as well as the local businesses. We strongly believe that strong unity and collaboration will help to keep the travel community stronger and we are able face the challenges ahead with good faith.

For more information on the latest and in-trend tourism attractions in Selangor, log on to Selangor.Travel, Tourism Selangor’s brand new and revamped website.

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