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NNFoodFest 2013!

We’ve been working on this special project for a while now and we thought it was finally time to let our beloved community in on the yummylicious action.
We sincerely present to you the Nuffnang FoodFest (#NNFoodFest)! It’s going to be Malaysia’s first-of-its-kind food festival where you will have to tweet to eat. Prepare yourselves for an evening of food-tastic fun!
First and foremost, we urge you to save the date! The #NNFoodFest will be happening on-
Date: 5th of October 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 4.00PM – 10.00PM
Venue: Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid
*If it wasn’t already obvious enough from the logo ;)
We’ll be bringing you all sorts of delicacies from burgers from your favourite burger joint, to the latest new-age nibbles in town you’ve never heard of! It’ll definitely be an eye-opening opportunity for you to savour the hidden gems of both local and international cuisine, all in one place. Don’t worry about stuffing yourselves to the brim as all the food will come in fun-sized portions, so you get to try a little bit of everything!
How is the #NNFoodFest different from any other food carnival, you ask? Well, at the#NNFoodFest, we are introducing something called ‘Social Media Currency’. Yes, you can leave your wallets at home but come prepared with a fully-charged smartphone as it is the thing that will ‘feed’ you at the fest!
We are also coming up with an app to guide you through the entire event. This will be your one-stop information centre to everything #NNFoodFest! It will have information of all our partners and food vendors to help you with your decision (well, of course we want you to try everything!) and a map feature to help you locate each vendor, so you don’t have to walk around in circles hunting down your favourite cuisine. You will also be able to tweet directly from the app itself to make the experience that much more enjoyable!


  1. ok macam nak pegi tp jauh sangat haha..i love eattttt

  2. alahhh..jauh lah cik nor..
    tak dapek nak join...:)

  3. Assalamualaikum kak..alamak jauh beno nk p tuh eheeee

  4. Replies
    1. tak pergi la nad jauh..lagi pn tarikh tu jatuh pada tarikh bestday cik nor..:)

  5. kebetulan mmg plan nak p area rasa mcm nk p..tapi tgk la dulu cmne.. hehehe ;)

  6. bnyaknya event kalau sy lh..cnfirm xdpat pergi kalau jauh2 cmni hu3

  7. sis pergi ke? saya maybe pergi nanti :)

    1. tak pergi la ker?selamat menjamu selera yer liza..:)