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Local Brands Unite to Celebrate Team Malaysia Youth All Girl Cheerleading Team’s Historic Gold Medal Victory

Presto, Malaysia's First and Largest Loyalty E-commerce Aggregator, and OldTown White Coffee, Malaysia's largest halal-certified kopitiam chain, joined hands in a spectacular Victory Celebration last Saturday to honorTeam Malaysia Youth All Girl’s (TMYAG)historic achievement. The event, held at OldTown White Coffee’s Jaya One outlet, markedTMYAG’s remarkable journey from securing Malaysia’s first-ever Gold Medal at the ICU International Cheerleading Cup 2024 to their earlier Bronze Medal win at the ICU Junior World Cheerleading Championships 2024 in Orlando, Florida.

The celebration brought together local brands and community members, including Presto's brand partners such as Neucvr, a home-grown fashion brand, SAYS Energy Drink, a new lifestyle Energy Drink, and ButterCup, your next best friend for period care, all joining to celebrate the athletes' success. These offerings served as tokens of appreciation and rewards for the athletes' hard work and dedication.

“Today, we’ve brought our brand partners, who are local homegrown brands, together to showcase the power of community and corporate collaboration. By working together, we hope to inspire more young athletes and reinforce the importance of supporting local talent,” said Prawn Cheng, Chief Merchandising and Marketing Officer of Presto.

“Seeing such talent and passion from our local youth is truly inspiring. As a home-grown brand, we take immense pride in nurturing local talent and contributing to our community’s success. Being the main F&B provider for this celebration gave us a wonderful opportunity to support these amazing athletes and celebrate their achievements together with our community,” said Phan Tsui Suan, Head of Brand & Marketing of OldTownWhite Coffee.

By showcasing this collaboration, the event aimed to inspire more young athletes and emphasise the importance of community and corporate involvement in sports development.It not only celebrated TMYAG’s success but also promoted the value of supporting local talent and sports initiatives, reinforcing the belief that community support is crucial for nurturing future champions.

TMYAG’s journey from securing Malaysia’s first-ever cheer leading medal with a Bronze at the ICU Junior World Cheer leading Championships 2024 to achieving Gold at the ICU International Cheer leading Cup 2024 is a testament to their dedication and perseverance. Their success story is a shining example of what can be achieved with passion, hard work, and unwavering support from family and community.

The Victory Celebration, held at OldTown White Coffee’s Jaya One outlet, was a vibrant affair filled with joy and excitement. Attendees included the TMYAG athletes, coaches, the Cheer leading Association and Register of Malaysia (CHARM) Vice President, committee heads, advisors, parents, and brand partners of Presto.

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