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Worldwide Viewership Set to Grow with Global UI Roll out and Service Expansion into New Markets

LG Electronics (LG)is introducing LG Channels 3.0, the latest version of its exclusive, free streaming service. Featuring anew UI with improved navigation, more engaging placements for content discovery, and an enhanced channel guide, users will easily be able to discover the content that resonates with them.LG Channels 3.0 is rolling out in South Korea this month, and will arrive in other markets, including US,starting in October.

LG Channels has consistently ranked among the top-five most accessed apps on LG Smart TVs across all regions where the service is offered,attracting an increasing number of viewers with its premium lineup of news, sports, movies,TV Series, and exclusivesWith its carefully curated lineup of programming, LG Channels is now set to provide upgraded usability that allows users to conveniently search, discover and enjoy their favorite content.

Reflecting the main content consumption patterns of LG Channels’ users, the new UI is organised into three pages – Home, Live, and On Demand–that makes it easier to take advantage of the different services offered on LG’s free content platform.

The Home page features a large, highly visible rotating carousel at the top of the screen to provide easy access to featured channels, curated collections and premium On Demand content.From the Live page, they can now play live broadcast channels directly from within the LG Channels app.Additionally, the new channel guide covers only half of the screen, allowing users to see what’s on and choose what to watch next while continuing to watch their current viewing choice.

The On Demand tab allows users to select their favorite types of content including movies, TV show sand receive recommendations from Popular Now category ensuring a smooth binge-watching experience

Already available in twenty seven countries globally, LG is accelerating the growth of its content service through entering new territories and adding to its already impressive content lineup.

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