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The Best Thirst Quenchers This HOT Season

Exploding firecrackers, late nights, lots of good food and lou sangs -- and not forgetting ang pow mari-mari! -- the Chinese New Year is upon us!

Besides the noise, food and the reunions with friends and loved ones, one constant that we have 'enjoyed' over the years is the HEAT the season brings. Yup, it's literally a sizzling HOT time of the year, EVERY YEAR.

But rather than guzzling a can of soda that's filled with chemicals and empty calories to deal with the heat, why not choose nutrient-laden third-quenchers that are also SUPER DELICIOUS instead? 

We're talking about fruit juices and smoothies, and here at Juice Works, we have a host of choices for the most discerning of palettes.

For one, have you tried Water Works? Made with a refreshing mix of watermelon, pineapple and tropical juice, it is a cup full of fiber and energizing goodness.

Our Lychee Cooler, which combines lychee, watermelon and sorbet, is also a hugely popular and refreshing choice under our blazing hot weather.

For those who prefer their drink a bit more tarty, our Zesty Melon, which is a cvombination of orange, watermelon, lime and sorbet, is the best. 

But our seasonal favourite is none other than Prosperity Juice, which is made from a mix of juices from the lovely mandarin orange, the heart-healthy guava, the super-fruit strawberry, and the juicy lychee. This delicious, fragrant and refreshing sorbet combo is back by popular demand this season, and like its name, will get you all geared up to embrace the best that the new year will bring!

So give your body a better choice as you drink up to battle the HEAT! Pick the best Juice Works have to offer!

On that note, we at Juice Works would like to wish you and all your loved ones a prosperous, healthy year ahead! Gong Xi Gong Xi!


  1. akk x pernah cuba lagi juiceworks ni...nnt nak cuba jugak la

  2. Ala kat Perlis tak pernah kelih pun... Teringin yang melon tu...

  3. i is kenooot la benda2 mcm ni hahaha.. rasa nak cari je sedapnya. juice work jauh sket dr rumah. ade boost je dekat. tp xpe.. kot trlalu juice work mmg nk cuba yang tembikai nenas tu =D

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