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Hari macam rajin sikit la nak bagi tips kat korang semua yang baru belajar nak berfesyen. Kalau Cik Nor bagi dalam bahasa Inggeris ok kan? Alah bahasa Inggeris yang mudah difahami la. Bukan yang tahap tinggi la. Korang pandai bahasa Inggeris, Cik Nor pun tumpang sekaki walaupun Inggeris broken..hihi

Meh Baca bawah ni Cik nor nak terangkan : 

It can take us time to discover our true fashion identity and we keep changing our styles since our teenage years. Some people find their true styles fast while some keep on experimenting based on the latest trends. We will probably tend to make a few fashion mistakes along the way but it sure is a fun experience to go through. Sometimes you will look at your old photos thinking why you ever wore that outfit and laugh at yourself. But as silly as that sound, it is crucial to at least know a few tricks in pulling the best fashion look. If you are a beginner in knowing the basic fashion tips, take a look below.

1   1. Go for Jackets

Jackets have that sudden power which helps make you’re your simple plain outfit      transform to a whole new level. You can wear a basic tee with a pair of jeans, and the jacket will always make you appear chic effortlessly. Go for leather jackets, varsity jackets or denim jackets for a modern young look.

1.    2.  Use accessories

If you haven’t realized, accessories are there for a reason. It serves as a great way to spice up your outfit from day to night with ease. From jewelleries, sunglasses, hats and scarves, mix it up with what you are wearing and step out of the house with confidence.It can definitely turn your old clothes into a more polished look without spending on new clothes.


1  3. Imitate

Okay so some of us may not have the best eye in fashion but imitation will be a great way to discover your sense of style from scratch. How you ask? Easy. Copy the looks of celebrities, socialist or lifestyle bloggers on Instagram! Study the outfits they pull off and pick the ones you find interesting.

Ok. macam mana? Faham tak? Confirm understand.. eh2 Cik Nor dah speaking London pulak..hehe. Selamat berfesyen..:)


  1. kalau kat utara nie hari2 hujan dah sesuai pakai jaket hee

  2. Wow bila dpt tgk ciknor berpesyen ni hihi .. Qaseh kdg hentam je haha tp tq for the tips