Thursday, January 1, 2015


Since mid-December, heavy rainfall has led to floods happening in the East Coast of Malaysia. This affected the families and patrons of Terengganu, Kelantan and Kuantan but this flood has since worsened whereby it affected several other states in Malaysia. It has been reported that more than 200,000 people were forced to evacuate from their homes and it saddens us that the flood has already claimed 10 lives. The flood has devastated the lives of many and they are left without homes, food, drinking water and dry wearable clothes.
Flood situation worsens in north-east Malaysia

Flood destruction in Kelantan
Photo credits: The Star Online
Our hearts and prayers go out to all victims of the flood and we hope that you guys can help us aid those in need by donating to MERCY Malaysia Flood Relief Fund.
MERCY Malaysia is running a donation drive to raise funds for the flood victims. Please visit MERCY Malaysia Facebook page for more details on how you can donate and contribute in this life-saving effort.
Here are the other charities that you can donate to as well where they accept monetary and non-monetary donations:
They have mentioned the steps to take when donating as well.
Your effort in helping the flood victims would greatly be appreciated by many and by donating any amount, you are able to save the lives of those who are in need. All donations, monetary or items will be passed on to the victims soonest. Everyone, let’s help out our fellow Malaysians in need. We thank you all for your generosity because every single donation goes a long way!


  1. subhanallah ... roboh sungguh . semoga mereka tabah ...

  2. begitu besar cabaran buat mereka kan...semoga tabah menghadapi setiap dugaan ni

  3. Nak bangunkan kembali prasarana lepas banjir ni lebih banyak memerlukan kos dan juga kudrat dari seluruh rakyat Malaysia. Semoga mangsa dapat tabah menghadapi dugaan yang besar sebegini.

  4. klik ya

  5. Rumah Cik Nor kena x>? Semoga mangsa banjir sentiasa tabah menghadapi dugaan yang maha hebat ni

  6. bantu lah selagi mana kita mampu...takde duit, hulurkan tenaga..InsyaAllah :')

  7. Bertabah je lah...Allah menguji sebab kita terleka dan terlena..

  8. hulurkanlah bantuan kepada yng mampu ...

  9. Syukur masih ada mereka yang sudi membantu....

  10. Kesian kat mangsa yang hilang tempat tinggal dan kehilangan ahli keluarga mereka... Moga mereka tabah...

  11. sayu tengok gambar2 cemni. yang kawan share di wasap di fesbuk.. rasa kerdil sngt sbb tak dapat nak membntu..


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