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The Book of Life

Book Of Life_2Sht_Camp I 
 In this celebration of life, love, music, and family, a young dreamer goes to the ends of the earth to prove his devotion and win the heart of his beloved.Filled with songs that you love presented in a way you have never heard before, this adventure takes an unlikely hero from this world to the next and back again.During his epic journey, he must negotiate with all-powerful Gods, compete with the town’s greatest hero, protect his village, and in the process determine the fate of all the souls that have come and gone before.

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  1. Waner pink tu ape cik nor? Err.. Hihi..citer ni macam best. Tapi nampak de oink2 je. Huhu. Lama tak bw sini. :D

  2. wah ash mesti seronok nak tengok ni... hu hu hu...

  3. Mcm best farah jarang layan citer kartun kt wayang..hehehe